Apple A15 Bionic

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CPU Performance 99
Gaming Performance 96

Battery life 96
Nano Review Score 98


Apple A15 Bionic 800179
CPU 216265
GPU 339795
Memory 112472
UX 133063
Total Score 800179

Geekbench Score

Single-Core Score 1707
Multi-Core Score 4712


See all the smartphones built with Apple A15 Bionic
Phones with A15 Bionic AnTuTu v9
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 846232
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 784328
Apple iPhone 13 768538
Apple iPhone 13 Mini 726653


See the detailed information about Apple A15 Bionic SoC and Apple GPU
Architecture 2x 3.223 GHz – Avalanche 4x 1.82 GHz – Blizzard
Cores 6
Frequency 3223 MHz
Instruction set ARMv8.5-A
L2 cache 8 MB
Process 5 nanometers
Transistor count 15 billion
GPU name Apple GPU
GPU frequency 1200 MHz
Execution units 5
Shading units 640
Memory type LPDDR4X
Memory frequency 4266 MHz
Max bandwidth 42.7 Gbit/s
Max size 8 GB
Multimedia (ISP)
Neural processor (NPU) Neural Engine
Storage type NVMe
Video capture 4K at 60FPS
Video playback 4K at 60FPS
Video codecs H.264, H.265, Motion JPEG
Audio codecs AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AC-3, E-AC-3, AAX, AAX+
4G support LTE Cat. 24
5G support Yes
Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.0
Features GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS
Announced September 2021
Class Flagship
Model number APL1W07

Apple A15 Bionic Chip Specs in Details

The Apple A15 Bionic chipset was released in September 2021. This chipset is similar to the previous version of the chipset Apple A14 Bionic. However, changes have been made in several places. And as a result of this change, the Apple A15 Bionic chipset has become much more powerful and energy-efficient than before.

Apple A15 Bionic is a Hexacore chipset. This type of chipset is very powerful. There are a total of 6 cores as architecture. Of which 2 cores are of Avalanche 3.223 GHz model and the remaining 4 cores are of Blizzard 1.82 GHz model. Its CPU frequency is 3223 and the L2 cache is 8 MB.

Being a recent processor, this processor has been made in only 5-nanometer fabrication. We know that a small processor is much more energy-efficient. Since this chipset is too smaller it is much more energy-efficient. This processor has a total of 15 billion transistors. This is the first chipset to use a large number of transistors.

The graphics processing unit of this chipset contains Apple GPU. Which is more capable and faster. Its performance is very good. This will allow you to play all kinds of games very well. This GPU is very good considering all aspects.

This chipset supports LPDDR4X’s RAM in terms of memory. Which does everything very quickly. The memory frequency of this chipset is 4266 MHz. Its maximum bandwidth is 42.7 Gbit / s. This chipset supports RAM up to a maximum of 8 GB.

In the case of multimedia, this chipset supports the NVMe storage type. It can record video at a maximum of 4K at 60FPS. Its video codes are H.264, H.265, Motion JPEG. Its audio codes are AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AC-3, E-AC-3, AAX, AAX +.

When it comes to connectivity, it comes with 4G LTE Cat. 24’s support. Besides, there is support for 5G. It supports WiFi 6 and supports Bluetooth version up to a maximum of 5.0. Features include GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS. All the features here are very important.

Last but not least, it is a flagship category chipset made in 2021. Which is much faster and saves energy. Its performance is remarkable in one word. The mobile phone with this chipset will never disappoint you in terms of performance. See in details in Wikipedia.

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  1. Qualcomm is really lagging far behind. I say they turn off the size of these little chips so they can hold more energy and put a lot in it and work on it instead of reducing the size every year. I say stick to 5nm and improve before you go to 4 and 3nm. Exit the race for smaller transistor sizes.

  2. What is the point to support the 8k, if the 8k video shoots looks like an over scaled 720p video? Did you checked any 8k video, how much details missing, and how crap they are looks?

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